Keith Murray


1998-06-30 Ganksta N-I-P "Sic" [Interview With A Killa]
Bushwick, that boy's sick
2007-06-11 Fabolous "Brooklyn" feat. Jay-Z, Uncle Murda [From Nothin' To Somethin]
Bushwick sick, I walk that East New York walk, Brownsville grill
2016-12-24 Run the Jewels "Call Ticketron" [Run the Jewels 3]
Full clip, I'm a little bit sick, come equipped
2007-07-31 Keith Murray "What It Is" feat. 50 Grand, Method Man [Rap-Murr-Phobia]
Picture big dick daddy in a big sick Caddy
1998-07-07 Kane & Abel "The Game" [Am I My Brothers Keeper]
Hit a lick, got you niggas sick
2015-10-23 DJ Khaled "Every Time We Come Around" feat. Ace Hood, French Montana, Jadakiss, Vado [I Changed a Lot]
I'm hardbody, my flow sick, that Eagle on me, no Mike Vick
1997-11-24 Will Smith "Big Willie Style" feat. Left Eye [Big Willie Style]
Pullin' up in the six, makin' brothers sick