2000-08-01 P.A. "They Come Thru" feat. Jim Crow [My Life, Your Entertainment]
Doing shows, fucking hoes, making dough, we A-town, thang on lock
2002-12-10 GZA "Did Ya Say That?" [Legend of The Liquid Sword]
I replace your wackness, it shows in your flows
2016-11-11 Z-Ro "Never Wrote" [Legendary]
These realty shows got all these hoes acting like thots
2004-09-14 E.S.G. "Coast 2 Coast" [All American Gangsta]
At the car shows, they got the best low-lows
2002-11-26 Kool G Rap "Holla Back" feat. AZ, Nawz, Tito [The Giancana Story]
Even hoes on the low at the shows lose it
1999-06-01 TRU "It's A Beautiful Thing" feat. Snoop Dogg [Da Crime Family]
Beaucoup hoes and beaucoup shows and fat Optimos
1998-12-08 Maestro "Quintessential" feat. Black-1, Choclair, In Essence [Built To Last]
Swap digits, plan dates, yo, we hit late shows