Tony Touch


2000-04-18 Tony Touch "Return of The Diaz Bros." feat. Doo Wop, Pain In Da Ass [The Piece Maker]
Before I do a show, have my dinero
1988-02-17 Geto Boys "Assassins" [Making Trouble]
We'll rock a show and clock some dough
1997-09-30 RBL Posse "More Game" feat. Richie Rich [An Eye For An Eye]
Two for a hoe, three for the fedi, four since the show fo' sho
2001-06-26 Beanie Sigel "So What You Sayin'" feat. Memphis Bleek [The Reason]
Tote guns to the show, and then I jet wit a hoe
2009-10-27 Swollen Members "Cross Fire" feat. Strong Arm Steady, Talib Kweli [Armed To The Teeth]
Do a show, grab some hoes, and take her to the telly
1995-06-20 Mack 10 "Here Comes The G" [Mack 10]
Solo flow show with my bitch & my lo lo
1999-04-20 Mr. Shadow "Me & My Shadow" [Till I Die]
It's that one unfadeable loco, bustin' raps at a show
2009-10-13 Danny! "Gone Danny Gone" [Where Is Danny?]
He can make them act so loco, he's wonderin' if he should skip this show
2003-05-02 Brother Ali "Back Stage Pacin'" [Shadows On The Sun]
At a show with my ego on swoll
2003-02-18 O.G. Spanish Fly "Chicano Love" [Back From The Dead]
We'll keep it on the low after each and every show
1998-04-07 AZ "Trial of The Century" feat. Foxy Brown, Panama P.I. [Pieces of A Man]
Empty out, before the po po come bust the show
1999-06-08 MC Eiht "Dayz of '89" [Section 8]
Quickly now, don't let the po-po show
2000-11-21 Nature "Fire" [QB's Finest]
Keep a roscoe, peep me on the Chris Rock show
1989-09-12 Big Daddy Kane "Smooth Operator" [It's A Big Daddy Thing]
Sing, hoe, swing low, then yo the show
2007-08-27 Sean Kingston "Colors (Remix)" feat. Kardinal Offishall, Vybz Kartel [Colors (Remix)]
Dun know from di T dot O, ten grand, and we on to di show
1987-02-10 Public Enemy "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" [Yo! Bum Rush The Show]
1990-03-20 Public Enemy "Fight The Power" [Fear of A Black Planet]
1997-11-11 MC Eiht "Hubtouchablez" [Last Man Standing]
Like P.E., yo, bumrush the show!