Ice Cube


2000-02-29 Ice Cube "Gotta Be Insanity" [War & Peace Vol. 2: (The Peace Disc)]
I got one shotgun, and I might catch a hot one
1998-01-20 Young Bleed "The Last Outlaw" [My Balls & My Word]
Totin' on a shotgun with pistol full of hot ones
1999 Buckshot "Take It To The Streets" feat. Blue Flame, Half A Mill, Swan [The Bdi Thug]
Them niggas is spittin' hot ones, this beat is like a pump shotgun
2004-03-16 U-God "Take It To The Top" feat. Desert Eagle, Inf-Black, King Just, Letha Face [U-Godzilla Presents The Hillside Scramblers]