1998-12-15 DJ Clue "That's The Way We Like It" feat. Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Ma$e [The Professional]
Some chrome on the 6, he ain't seeing my shit
1999-12-28 Jay-Z "Watch Me" feat. Dr. Dre [Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter]
See jigga in the 6 and all the shit you like
2015-02-13 Drake "6 God" [If You're Reading This It's Too Late]
Shit is hot up in the 6 right now
2011-07-08 A$AP Rocky "Uptown" feat. A$AP Nast, A$AP Twelvy, Lil Wayne [Deep Purple]
I'm the shit, you must admit, true that
2004-10-19 Bizzy Bone "My Niggaz" [Alpha & Omega]
Don't need me no sheisty shit, don't need me no feisty bitch
2009-05-12 Cam'Ron "You Know What's Up" feat. C.O., Sky-Lyn [Crime Pays]
This nigga ain't shit, if he ain't got no chips
1995-08-29 Junior M.A.F.I.A. "Get Money" [Conspiracy]
Disrespect my clique, my shit's imperial
1996-06-18 Heltah Skeltah "Undastand" [Nocturnal]
People duck sick, don't wanna touch with that rough shit
1996-01-30 Soopafly "I Don't Hang" [A Thin Line Between Love & Hate Soundtrack]
Now if tha kicks fit, nigga, wear that shit
2000-11-14 Spice 1 "Ride Or Die" feat. Jayo Felony, Tray Deee, Yukmouth [The Playa Rich Project]
Droppin cavi out in Cali, shit that hit like quakes
1991-10-15 Digital Underground "Good Thing We're Rappin" [Sons of The P]
Hit a lick, paid cash, said nothin, pimp shit
1998-09-01 Kurupt "C-Walk" feat. Slip Capone, Tray Deee [Kuruption!]
Hit a lick, then hit back with some new shit
2002-04-23 Frost "Where My Ese's At?" feat. A.L.T. [Still Up In This Shit]
I hit a lick with the clique that loves to rip shit up
2002-09-24 Tech N9ne "Constantly Dirty" feat. 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians [Absolute Power]
Hit a lick so quick, they think I love this shit
2012-07-31 Rick Ross "So Sophisticated" feat. Meek Mill [God Forgives, I Don't]
I just hit a lick, I'm tellin you this shit amazing
2006-07-21 PJ "What's Tha Deal" [Rap Hustler 2]
Hit lick after lick, feds won't find shit
1998-09-22 Big Tymers "Millionaire Dream" feat. Bun B, Lil Wayne [How You Luv That]
Since I done hit me a lick, I done got some shit
2003-12-23 Juvenile "Enemy Turf" [Juve The Great]
Heard a nigga got all kinda shit ever since he hit that lick
2009-03-24 Slim Thug "Leanin'" feat. Bun B, Pimp C [Boss of All Bosses]
Know ya shit when you hit ya lick, it don't come with a textbook tellin' ya how to
2010-02-16 Freeway & Jake One "Follow My Moves" feat. Birdman [The Stimulus Package]
Born rich, hood rich, cash money, more shit
2002-11-12 WC "Tears of A Killa" feat. Butch Cassidy [Ghetto Heisman]
Together we're the shit, don't sleep on it
1996-11-05 The Roots "Ital" feat. Q-Tip [Illadelph Halflife]
Perpetuatin' real life, the shit kicked is real trife
1996-01-30 Soopafly "I Don't Hang" [A Thin Line Between Love & Hate Soundtrack]
Now if tha kicks fit, nigga, wear that shit
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "What You Think of That" feat. Jay Z [Coming of Age]
Shoes gotta be the shit, don't walk in kicks
1993-11-23 Snoop Doggy Dogg "Who Am I (What's My Name)?" [Doggystyle]
My bankroll's on swoll, my shit's on hit, legit
2012-06-05 Big K.R.I.T. "Pull Up" feat. Big Sant, Bun B [Live From The Underground]
Better cuff your chick, this shit here legit, bitch
2011-09-26 J. Cole "In The Morning" feat. Drake [Cole World: The Sideline Story]
Gettin lifted, I quit, but shit, I might get high wit'chu
2015-02-13 Drake "You & The 6" [If You're Reading This It's Too Late]
You and the six raised me right, that shit saved my life
2000-05-16 Royal Flush "Creep" feat. 151-Ron Bacardi, J-Mel, Rah Bump [Game Over]
I body a snitch, Bumpy Johnson of this crack shit
1994-02-01 Casual "Follow The Funk" [Fear Itself]
Spit shit to the click of a metronome
1997-02-11 Funkmaster Flex "Busta Rhymes & Flipmode Squad Freestyle" [The Mix Tape Volume 3: 60 Minutes of Funk]
More clips to spit, Flipmode runnin' this shit
1998-03-24 DJ Honda "Blaze It Up" feat. Black Attack [h II]
Word up, ayo, Honda, spit some hot shit
1998-03-24 Das EFX "Rap Scholar" feat. Redman [Generation EFX]
Spit that, flip that shit to push your wig back
1999-06-01 TRU "Miller Boyz" feat. Ghetto Commission [Da Crime Family]
You know the shit I spit, bitch, ya heard
2001-03-05 Eve "Who's That Girl?" [Scorpion]
Realness, real shit, spit reality
2006-04-25 Akir "Rites of Passage" [Legacy]
Cops be buggin out, so we split after we spit our hottest shit
2007-03-27 Prodigy "Return of The Mac" [Return of The Mac]
With a rusty gun, but the shit still spit, rubber bands on the handle, theNew YNew Yorkgrip
2007-05-15 Gumz "Rocklandworldradio Freestyle" [From Fetus To Genius]
The raw flavor, the shit I spit is danger
2000 Cormega "Take Mine" [You Don't Want It]
I can't believe the shit I spitted from my own mouth
2008-06-23 Danny! "Intro" [And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Been spittin' that fly shit way before the deal
2011-03-11 Mac Miller "Life Ain't Easy" [Best Day Ever]
Now I got my shit together, spittin what they fuckin with
1992-09-09 JT The Bigga Figga "Nuttin But A Hustla" [Don't Stop Till We Major]
When shit got thick, best believe I bought a 9
1992-09-22 Redman "So Ruff" [Whut? Thee Album]
What they carryin? Black glocks, shit's thick!
1992-09-22 Redman "I'm A Bad" [Whut? Thee Album]
Shit's thick, some say I'm a bastard of a swift bitch
2004-10-26 Lil' Keke "A Mic & Hook" [Currency]
My nigga P hit the do', with a zip of the shit
2006-04-25 Custom Made Gangstas "Hydro" [If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come To The Table]
I'm the first with a zip of that fluffy shit