Lil' Keke


1998-03-24 Lil' Keke "Southside" [The Commission]
'sace shades, pushin blades, let them four burn rubber
1990-12-30 Kid Rock "Super Rhyme Maker" [Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast]
Bonnie shades and a high top fade, so low, you know, on the mic with no aid
2003-07-29 C-Rayz Walz "Camouflage" [Ravipops (The Substance)]
My brain keep the days of high-top fades, Cazal shades
2006-10-24 Lil Boosie "Set It Off" [Bad Azz]
With Gucci shades, with some j's you ain't never seen
2012-07-03 Chris Brown "Strip" feat. Kevin Mccall [Fortune]
Got my shades on with my J's on, in the club with a pocket full of ones
2000-10-10 Guerilla Maab "Constant Grind" feat. Young Paccinos [In The Mist of Guerillas]
We Gucci shades and playa made with bald fades