Busta Rhymes


1997-09-15 Busta Rhymes "Survival Hungry" [When Disaster Strikes]
All my niggas dirty, hungry and thirsty, hit ya like a 30/30 for watcha worth, see
2006-02-28 S.L.A.B. "No Evil" feat. Snoop Dogg, T.C., Yung Redd [Vol. 4.5: Plex]
7-1-3, I can't sleep till I see a knot
2000-05-22 Mac Dre "Don't Be A Punk" [Heart of A Gangsta, Mind of A Hustla, Tongue of A Pimp]
She gon hit dem E, she gon see how we gonna get down on the ecstasy
2005-06-21 Boyz N Da Hood "No Talkin" [Boyz N Da Hood]
Keep it G for all to see, but all don't keep it G like me
2010 Drake "Put It Down" feat. Bun B [Young Sweet Jones]
I helped the blind to see and kept it G just like I oughta
2006-10-17 Xzibit "Say It To My Face" feat. Don Blaze, Kurupt [Full Circle]
See, motherfuckers envy what they cannot be, Mr. X to the Z, H.N.I.C.
2012-05-22 David Banner "Swag (Remix)" feat. Kardinal Offishall [Sex, Drugs & Video Games]
Everybody in my city pushin' keys, and that's all these kids see
1995-08-22 The Dove Shack "We Funk (The G Funk)" [This Is The Shack]
Can't you see, it's the LBC
1997-04-08 Big Mike "Southern Dialect" [Still Serious]
Which non-believin MC wanna see what time it is?
1992 Lord Finesse "Set It Off Troop" [Class Act Soundtrack]
Who's down with O.P.P? Yeah, I see you when my show's done
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "Fuck Y'all" feat. Brandon Stacks [Family Business]
T.I. my nigga, see, we keep it off the heezy
1998-09-20 Deadly Venoms "Formulate" [Antidote]
Shiesty, sneaky, deadly, it's how we be, deadly, see?