Ghostface Killah


2000-02-08 Ghostface Killah "Child's Play" [Supreme Clientele]
Trick bitches jumped my boo at the school a few years ago
2015-10-16 The Game "Gang Related" feat. Asia Bryant [The Documentary 2.5]
Scrappin after school, Compton High wasn't bool
1992 A.L.T. & The Lost Civilization "What Cha Gonna Do" [Another Latin Timebomb]
He's from the old school, packin' a tool
1998 Everlast "Ends" [Whitey Ford Sings The Blues]
He's from business school, and he's nervous with the tool
1999-06-01 TRU "Hard N's" feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Master P [Da Crime Family]
I used to smoke weed at school and got kicked out because I toted a tool
1999-10-26 Master P "Boonapalist" feat. D.I.G., Ms. Peaches [Only God Can Judge Me]
Put the kids in private school, but still pack that tool
1999-12-07 The Notorious B.I.G. "Let Me Get Down" feat. Craig Mack, G. Dep, Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott [Born Again]
You didn't wanna blaze, your tool shoulda stayed in school
2000-02-01 Tha Eastsidaz "Nigga 4 Life" feat. Bad Azz [Tha Eastsidaz]
Fuck a school, I tuck a tool and start steppin
2006-12-19 Trick Daddy "Straight Up" feat. Young Buck [Back By Thug Demand]
I used to take my motherfucking tool to school
2010-06-08 Soulja Boy "Touchdown" [The Deandre Way]
I was ridin around my school with a backpack plus a tool
2011-08-08 Jay-Z & Kanye West "Murder To Excellence" [Watch The Throne]
No shop class, but half the school got a tool
2013-10-22 DJ Khaled "I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie" feat. Diddy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, T.I. [Suffering From Success]
My momma said do school work, I was makin' that tool work
2015-07-31 Lil Dicky "Professional Rapper" feat. Snoop Dogg [Professional Rapper]
Well, I ain't never had a tool, but I had to be the man at school
2015-08-07 Dr. Dre "It's All on Me" feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Justus [Compton: A Soundtrack]
When they run up on your school bus with a tool tucked, you might learn somethin
2015-11-20 Freddie Gibbs "Packages" feat. ManMan Savage [Shadow of a Doubt]
Middle school with the tool and the pistol loaded
1998-07-21 Sunz of Man "Cold" [The Last Shall Be First]
Tools out, last day, school's out
1998-09-29 Jay-Z "Coming of Age (Da Sequel)" feat. Memphis Bleek [Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life]
Should I school him, or pull the tools out and just break him apart
1998 Royal T "Servin' Fools" feat. Big June [From Coast To Coast]
I packed tools since high school
1999-08-03 Lil' Italy "We Ain't Hard 2 Find" feat. Mystikal, Snoop Dogg [On Top of Da World]
I'm breaking rules with fools and packin tools to school
2004-06-01 Masta Killa "Silverbacks" feat. GZA, Inspectah Deck [No Said Date]
Wave the bigger tools, shoot out inside the school yard
2004-06-01 Saigon "Stocking Cap" [Warning Shots]
The dirty nigga in school with tools in his locker
2005-02-22 Clinton Sparks "Run This City" feat. Miri Ben-Ari, P. Diddy [Maybe You Been Brainwashed]
I have fools with tools, where your kids go to school at
2005-06-21 Webbie "Back Up" feat. Lil Boosie [Savage Life]
I been a fool out here, packin tools since middle school
2006-03-28 T.I. "Told You So" [King]
They was still gettin jumped at school, we used to tote them tools
2012-07-23 Plan B "Ill Manors" [Ill Manors]
School's out, rules out, get your bloody tools out