Jim Jones


2004-08-24 Jim Jones "Lovely Daze/Memory Lane" [On My Way To Church]
1988-08-08 N.W.A. "Gangsta Gangsta" [Straight Outta Compton]
Diggin the scene with the gangsta lean
1991-04-20 Master P "Mama's Bad Boy" [Mama's Bad Boy]
Digging in the scene with the gangsta lean
1995-06-20 Mack 10 "10 Million Ways" feat. Ice Cube [Mack 10]
1996-07-04 Young Lay "Ruthless Adolescent" [Black 'n Dangerous]
I'm really not that clean when I'm on the scene, gangsta lean
1996-11-12 MC Lyte "Cold Rock A Party (Remix)" feat. Missy Elliott, Puff Daddy [Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix) Cd-5]
I be the baddest B to hit the scene since the gangsta lean
1997-03-25 Warren G "Can You Feel It" [Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)]
Warren G came on the scene, put the G-funk with the gangsta lean
2006-09-26 Frost "Take A Ride (Let Me Hear Ya)" feat. Bullet Nasty, Fingazz, Mr. Sancho [Till The Wheels Fall Off]
I got the gangsta lean when I steps into the scene
1988-03-25 Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew "Crazy 'Bout Cars" [The World's Greatest Entertainer]
Chillin' in the scene with the gangster lean
1993-07-12 Mac Mall "Versatile" [Illegal Business?]
On the gangsta scene it's about the green, and niggaz hate it
1998-03-17 Fat Pat "Tops Drop" [Ghetto Dreams]
Sipping lean, sticky green, make 'em cloud the whole scene
2005-09-13 Paul Wall "I'm A Playa" feat. Three 6 Mafia [The People's Champ]
I'm on the scene, drankin lean, mixed with Sprite in a plastic cup
2011-10-31 A$AP Rocky "Leaf" feat. Main Attrakionz, Ol' Dirty Bastard [Live. Love. A$AP]
Ain't on stage behind the scene, I'm probably mixin lean
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Cashed Out" [Dedication 4]
When I'm on the scene, I'm on that lean
1995-07-03 Luniz "Yellow Brick Road" [Operation Stackola]
Broke my triple beam, cuz the whole scene is rollin now
1998-08-04 Snoop Dogg "Dp Gangsta" feat. C-Murder, Eddie Griffin [Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told]
TRU niggas on the scene with the triple beam