Lil' O


2000-11-21 Lil' O "Choo Choo" feat. Big Hawk, Mr.3-2 [Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze]
Give me and my patnas some brain, all pussy the same
2012-03-14 Wiz Khalifa "Never Been Part II" feat. Amber Rose, Rick Ross [Taylor Allderdice]
Versace chains, gold rollies, it's same game
1999-03-09 Caffeine "Reminisce" [The Corruptor Soundtrack]
I guess I gotta charge it to the game, but shit ain't the same
2005-03-14 D-Block "Gator Ent." [Peer Pressure]
The game don't change, it stays the same, niggaz just get grimy
2000-06-06 Cream "Paper Chase" feat. Emp, Mac Cris [Big Man]
1988-06-07 EPMD "Let The Funk Flow" [Strictly Business]
Maintain and explain, but never sound the same
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Temperature's Rising" [The Infamous]
Til then maintain, and keep your story the same
1997-07-15 Cru "Up North" [Da Dirty 30]
Niggas maintain, shit's all the same in the game
1998-08-18 MC Lyte "Better Place" [Seven & Seven]
Seem like your sun don't shine the same, but you gotta maintain
2001-06-26 Z-Ro "Friends" feat. Cl'Che, Den Den [King of Da Ghetto]
Mary Jane don't change, she stay the same, help maintain
2014-10-24 Run the Jewels "Crown" feat. Diane Coffee [Run The Jewels 2]
Won't be the same, won't be the same kinda mayne