Random & K-Murdock


2010-07-06 Random & K-Murdock "Hero Muzik" feat. Ilyas [Forever Famicom DLC]
Y'all know the rules, L.A., P.A. 'jects, New Jeruz
2002 S.L.A.B. "Movin Slow" feat. Ab [Underground 4 Life Vol. 1]
We don't live by the rules, if a nigga get to plexing, we'll pull out a tool
2014-03-11 Young Money "Bang" feat. Cory Gunz, Euro, Lil Twist [Young Money: Rise of an Empire]
Got a tool in the Timbs, now the rules gotta bend
1997-10-07 Daz Dillinger "Way Too Major" feat. Tray Deee [Gang Related Soundtrack]
Break the rules on you and dust you off with the tools
1999-08-03 Lil' Italy "We Ain't Hard 2 Find" feat. Mystikal, Snoop Dogg [On Top of Da World]
I'm breaking rules with fools and packin tools to school
1999-12-07 Juvenile "Something Got 2 Shake" feat. Big Tymers [Tha G-Code]
Three-time loser totin' tools, nigga that's the rules
2000-02-01 Yungstar "Badass" feat. Cookie, Lil' Flex, Lil' James [Throwed Yung Playa]
When I make my own rules, I'm grabbin my tools
2003-02-25 Mobb Deep "Double Shots" feat. Noyd [Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape]
Fools know the rules, pull out your tools, better buck it
2011-11-08 Lloyd Banks "1, 2, 3 Grind" feat. Prodigy [The Cold Corner]
You know there's rules that you followin, and tools get the hollow-point
2012-07-23 Plan B "Ill Manors" [Ill Manors]
School's out, rules out, get your bloody tools out
2002 Aceyalone "Jack of All Trades" [Hip Hop & The World We Live In]
Stand by these trues and break these rules