Pastor Troy


2002-09-17 Disturbing Tha Peace "When I Touch Down" feat. Jazze Pha [Golden Grain]
Lil shorty from the A-town hit the club and buy a round for the whole place
1999-03-16 Pastor Troy "No More Play In G.A." [We Ready, I Declare War]
None of my folks don't fuck around, quick to spit every round
2006-09-19 Lupe Fiasco "I Gotcha" [Food & Liquor]
I'm from Chi-town, that's where I flies round
2008-06-30 G-Unit "Money Make The World Go Round" [T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight]
Chi-town, money make the world go round
2007-03-27 Redman "How U Like Dat" feat. Gov Mattic [Red Gone Wild]
Keep the fo' pound round the nine-milli with me
2004-08-24 Jim Jones "Let's Ride (Them Riders)" feat. J.R. Writer [On My Way To Church]
Shots with a four pound, AK when it go round
2007-10-09 Killa Kyleon "Fifty Fifty Flow" [Purple Punch]
I'm finna turn H-town round and make history
1999-11-09 E-40 "Get Breaded" feat. Fat Joe, Sauce Money [Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire]
From BK to Oaktown, pass the smoke round
2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "Handle That" feat. Hue Hef, U-God [The Resident Patient]
Let off a round, check it how it sounds
1993 U.N.L.V. "UNLV Style" [6th & Baronne]
Cuz every time I throw down uptown, the people gather round
2000-03-21 Knightowl "West Coast Party" [Knightmares]
MC's gather round just to watch me throw down