1999-01-19 Silkk the Shocker "It Takes More" feat. Ghetto Commission [Made Man]
Pinky rings and the Rolies with the diamond bling
2005-03-21 Kanye West "Livin' In A Movie" [Freshmen Adjustment]
My bling got 'em callin me Lord of the Rings
2008-09-16 Nelly "Party People" feat. Fergie [Brass Knuckles]
Look at the bling, settings in rings lookin like basketballs
2004-11-23 The Diplomats "Bigger Picture" [Diplomatic Immunity Vol. 2]
Chains, bracelet, rings, blingin all crazy
2007-08-07 UGK "Real Women" feat. Raheem Devaughn, Talib Kweli [Underground Kingz]
VVS ice blings, 10-carat diamond rings
1996 La The Darkman "I Want It All" [I Want It All / As The World Turns]
I got big dreams for schemes to have diamond rings and cream, and tote nines with infrared beams
1999-12-14 D.B.A. "Havin' Thangs" feat. Luniz [Doing Business As]
It's all about havin' thangs, gold rings, and my platinum chain