Chris Brown


2019-06-28 Chris Brown "All I Want" feat. Tyga [Indigo]
Water locked up like a bing, but her finger got a ring
2005-05-24 Gucci Mane "Damn Shawty" feat. Young Snead [Trap House]
My earrings bling, pinky-rringon fire
2006-08-08 Rick Ross "Boss" feat. Dre [Port of Miami]
My bling like a peacock standing on my ring
2006 Billy Cook "Energizer" feat. Yung Chill [The Truth]
Tongue ring with the bling, belly chain, yessir
2007-02-13 Boss Hogg Outlawz "This Is For My G's" [Serve & Collect]
I overflowed the pinky ring with bling, nigga
2008-09-09 LL Cool J "Get Over Here" feat. It's Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal, Ticky Diamondz [Exit 13]
Just doing my thing, got the ring bling, don't get it misunderstood
2000-02-15 The Murderers "Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight" feat. Dave Bing, Lil' Mo [Irv Gotti Presents... The Murderers]
A ring with the bling bling in it
2006-05-16 Cam'Ron "Touch It Or Not" feat. Lil Wayne [Killa Season]
2007-10-15 Keyshia Cole "Let It Go (Remix)" feat. Missy Elliott, T.I., Young Dro [Just Like You]
Got a ten-carat ring, and them stones stay blingin