Crooked Lettaz


1994-05-10 South Central Cartel "Do It S.C. Style" ['N Gatz We Truss]
Stinky cock bitches who only want a nigga for the riches
1995-03-14 2Pac "Heavy In The Game" feat. Eboni Foster, Lady Levi, Richie Rich [Me Against The World]
They spendin they riches on skanless bitches
1999-04-20 Crooked Lettaz "Trill" [Grey Skies]
I'm gettin stares from these bitches, riches got 'em so shife
2003-03-18 Magic "What U Gonna Do" [White Eyes]
Sheisty bitches looking for my riches
1999-11-02 Sauce Money "Intruder Alert" [Middle Finger U.]
Cats hate your ass cause of your riches and digits
1995-04-19 Dre Dog "Situation Critical" [I Hate You With A Passion]
Snitches go from rags to riches bitin to the feds
1999-02-02 Tear Da Club Up Thugs "Wet Party" feat. M-Child, Spice 1 [Crazyndalazdayz]
Killing snitches and shiesty bitches who set 'em up for riches