2003-04-08 Z-Ro "Free Style" feat. Big Pokey, H.A.W.K., Kevo, Lyrical 187, Mussilini [A Bad Azz Mix Tape]
I chin check young niggaz that don't show respect
1998-06-02 Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz "One Life To Live" [Make It Reign]
Gone head-up with the connect, just to gain my respect
2006-05-16 Cam'Ron "Girls, Cash, Cars" [Killa Season]
Show a G respect, my weed connect got it growing like Chia Pets
1990-06-07 Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth "Lesson To Be Taught" [Funky Technician]
Live correct and show respect
1991 MC Peaches "Crowd Pleaser" [More Than Just A Pretty Face]
2004-01 1.4.0. Productions "Back On The Grind" feat. Lounge Lo, Polite, Shawn Wigs [Staten Island Stand Up]
With big respect, she a pro in the 'jects
2007-02-27 Wisemen "Wisemen Approaching" [Wisemen Approaching]
From the 'jects, no regrets, my respect
1997-05-20 KRS-One "A Friend" [I Got Next]
Now we cash checks and drive Lex, and can't show respect to one of us
2010-12-07 T.I. "Everything On Me" [No Mercy]
Now with all due respect, I don't front, I don't plex
1998-02-24 C-BO "No Pain, No Gain" feat. Laroo, Lunasicc [Til' My Casket Drops]
Ya best respect or get checked by the Smith & Wess
2003-05-20 Inspectah Deck "Big City" [The Movement]
The young guns wantin' respect, flossin' the TEC
2010-03-23 Inspectah Deck "Brothaz Respect" feat. Cappadonna, Fes Taylor [Manifesto]
For respect, I empty shots out of this TEC