Mobb Deep


1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "How You Want It? (Deer Park)" feat. Cormega [Murda Muzik]
I can relax with my Air Max appearing on my feet
2013-05-07 Talib Kweli "Push Thru" feat. Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar [Prisoner of Conscious]
Too many daps you might receive from the things you achieve, relax
2006-03-21 Apathy "Chemical" [Eastern Philosophy]
Can't manage to relax, got me brandishin' gats
1992-07-20 DJ Quik "Niggaz Still Trippin'" feat. AMG, Funky White Nigga, Gangsta D, Hi-C [Way 2 Fonky]
With the MACs and the TECs now, I can't relax
1987-02-10 Public Enemy "M.P.E." [Yo! Bum Rush The Show]
I'm gonna max and relax and chill my will
1988-06-07 EPMD "Let The Funk Flow" [Strictly Business]
Relax while I tax, or you can just max
1988-06-21 Big Daddy Kane "Ain't No Half-Steppin'" [Long Live The Kane]
Climax, and I max, relax, and chill
1990-06-22 Intelligent Hoodlum "Party Pack" [Intelligent Hoodlum]
Maintain your movement, relax and max
1994-05-23 Beastie Boys "Flute Loop" [Ill Communication]
So just sit back and max and relax
1994-10-18 O.C. "Word...Life" [Word...Life]
I max, relax, smooth it out like a sax
1995-06-27 Skee-Lo "Crenshaw" feat. Funke, Trend [I Wish]
I'mma max and relax and enjoy my bomb day
1997-05-27 Chubb Rock "I Will Survive" [The Mind]
Some max and relax, then mellow, then strive
1997-11-18 Del the Funky Homosapien "Games Begin" [Future Development]
It's time to max, relax, ask anybody
1986 Stetsasonic "On Fire" [On Fire]
Now it's on wax, so we can relax
1987-03-03 Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded" [Criminal Minded]
On wax, relax, there's 24 tracks
1998-08-25 Xzibit "Deeper" [40 Dayz & 40 Nightz]
Never relax, ain't no tellin' lay it on wax
2014-03-18 Frankenstein "The Projects (Remix)" [The Science of Sound]
Hold your breath and relax, imaginate me on wax
1989-12 Above The Law "Living Like Hustlers" feat. Dr. Dre [Livin' Like Hustlers]
I max and tax and relax and stack G's
1993-01-26 Paperboy "Ditty" [The Nine Yards]
Let's relax while sippin' on yak