1997-05-27 Dru Down "East Side Soldier" feat. Pooh-Man, Seagram, Yukmouth [International Blunt Funk Compilation]
I stay down an' ready for my fedi
1998-05-12 Concentration Camp "Cabbage Savage" [Da Halocaust]
I hope you ready for steady stackin' fedi, cause it don't stop with me
1996 B-Legit "Rollin' Wit Hustlers" feat. Harm [The Hemp Museum]
Steady on the program with missions to get fetti, and I'm ready
1997-06-03 South Central Cartel "I'm A Rider" [All Day Everyday]
Stackin' ends, fetti, a nigga get ready to roll
1997-10-28 Spice 1 "510, 213" feat. Big Syke, WC [The Black Bossalini]
My mind on gettin' the fetti, my heater cocked back and ready
1989-04-01 EPMD "Total Kaos" [Unfinished Business]
Give it up, sucker duck MC, you're not ready
1989-09-12 Big Daddy Kane "Young, Gifted & Black" [It's A Big Daddy Thing]
You're petty confetti and not ready to rock steady