2003-09-30 Dirty "Thou Shall Not Kill" feat. Twist, Wickett [Love Us Or Hate Us]
It's hard to react when the MAC go click-clack
2012-10-09 Xzibit "Crazy" feat. B-Real, Demrick, Jelly Roll [Napalm]
React with gauges and MACs, way back when I was droppin off packs
1997-04-15 Artifacts "Who's This?" [That's Them]
How we react on wax, DJ included exactly
1997-02-18 TRU "1Nce Upon A Time" feat. C-Loc [Tru 2 Da Game]
Selling fat packs, when I first react it's like dat
1991-03-05 Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs "I'm Different" [Life of A Kid In The Ghetto]
1994-01-18 Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix)" [It Ain't Hard To Tell]
My raps react, they attack the wack just like a maniac