2002-04-09 Gravediggaz "False Things Must Perish" feat. Prodical [Nightmare In A-Minor]
Rappin' the average, speakin' on riches
1988-06-15 J.J. Fad "Supersonic" [Supersonic]
Always rappin', always clappin', everybody say I'm happy
2007-09-25 Army of The Pharaohs "Time To Rock" [Ritual of Battle]
Murk your whole entire rappin faction, cousin, set a date
1998-09-01 Kurupt "Gimmewhutchagot" feat. Barshawn [Kuruption!]
How you wanna do it, rappin or gun-clappin
2001-12-04 De La Soul "Simply Havin" [AOI: Bionix]
It promotes rappin and global gun-clappin
2008-07-07 M.anifest "Africa Represent" [Manifestations]
Whatever happened to rappin' without mentionin' of gun clappin'
1988-09-13 Ice-T "Grand Larceny" [Power]
Rappin' like a MAC 10 as soon as I begin
2012-10-09 Xzibit "Forever A G" feat. Wiz Khalifa [Napalm]
Too much ratchets and trappin inside your rappin