2001-05-22 Queen Pen "I Reps" feat. Cam'Ron, DJ Clue, Prodigy [Conversations With Queen]
I rep for them chicks givin brain in the rain
2001 Casual "Windows" [He Think He Raw]
Getting brain in the rain
2003-02-06 50 Cent "Blood Hound" feat. Young Buck [Get Rich Or Die Tryin]
My soldiers slangin' cane, sunny, snow, in sleet or rain
1992-03-24 Chi-Ali "Roadrunner" feat. Dove [The Fabulous Chi-Ali]
Rhyme like a rain, lay low, and maintain
1996-08-27 A+ "Enter Hempstead" [The Latch-Key Child]
I'ma maintain, and let it rain, let it rain
2002-07-29 Big Mello "What Goes Around" [The Gift]
Stack your paper, mayne, and maintain, do your thang, stay out the rain
2000-03-27 Black Rob "Lookin' At Us" feat. Cee-Lo [Life Story]
Swervin' in the rain, and workin the woodgrain