Mr. Hyde


1995-02-28 Brotha Lynch Hung "Rest In Piss" [Season of Da Siccness]
Dump and pump one in your bitch and put her in her grave
2001-02-27 T-Bone "Street Preacha" [The Last Street Preacha]
Pump, pump, you get stucked when I dump
2004-07-27 Mr. Hyde "Knife In Your Spine (Satanic Wordsplay)" feat. Necro [Barn of The Naked Death]
Shotguns with pump action dump fractions of metal shrapnel
2010-02-09 DJ Kay Slay "Monster Muzik" feat. Cam'Ron, Vado [More Than Just A DJ]
Shotty pump, no ball, get your body dumped
2002-05-14 Cam'Ron "Stop Calling" feat. Freekey Zekey, McGruff [Come Home With Me]
Ya chest achin', cause I'm very blunt, ya stunt, wanna cherry pump