50 Cent


2002-04-26 50 Cent "Get Out The Club" [Guess Who's Back?]
They on that pretty shit, that high saditty shit
2012-04-17 Future "Astronaut Chick" [Pluto]
You high-saditty and pretty, lights, camera flashin
1995-01-17 The Roots "You Ain't Fly" [Do You Want More?!!!??!]
Thinkin that she's pretty and saditty
2001-10-30 Benzino "We Reppin Y'all" feat. Made Men [The Benzino Project]
To city kids and pretty bricks, saditty chicks
2001-07-02 Square One "Paradise Lost" [Walk of Life]
Where not-so-pretty chicks often act sadity
2002-02-26 Dru Down "Don't Shoot Pimpin'" feat. AMG, Suga Free [Gangsta Pimpin]
Keep your toes pretty, no sadity
2006-08-29 Too $hort "Sadity" feat. Daz, Kurupt [Blow The Whistle]
So sadity, you ain't pretty, girl, suck on these
1989-02-07 2 Live Crew "C'Mon Babe" [As Nasty As They Wanna Be]
No need to act stuck-up, pretty, and seditty
1990-07-24 Master Ace "Maybe Next Time" [Take A Look Around]
Seditty, sexy young lady that is pretty
1992-01-22 South Central Cartel "South Central Madness" [South Central Madness]
A pretty, seditty lady from the city