2000-05-09 Killah Priest "Places I'Ve Been" [A View From Masada]
Around the park, jeeps, narcs creep
2000-11-07 Outlawz "Mask Down" [Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us]
The narcs, the niggas in the park, and you have to have your heat, because it's crazy after dark, nigga
2010-02-23 Hodgy Beats "Chris Sawyer" [The Dena Tape]
Would play in the park until he saw the narcs
2012-05-15 Killer Mike "Anywhere But Here" feat. Emily Panic [R.A.P. Music]
For the kids in the park, watching out for the narcs
1995-03-07 Nine "Any Emcee" [Nine Livez]
Knock em out the park, after dark I spark l's
2004-02-17 Lil Rob "Neighborhood Music" [Neighborhood Music]
Party at the park after dark, it don't start until I spark up the joint of mine