2006-03-07 Juvenile "Way I Be Leanin'" feat. Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Skip, Wacko [Reality Check]
I'm from the home of the candy paint, 84's and purple drank
2006-07-11 Bow Wow "Fresh Azimiz (Remix)" feat. J.D., J-Kwon, Mike Jones [Fresh Azimiz (Remix)]
I stay flossin' that candy paint, stay sippin' that purple drank
2006 Swishahouse "Swervin" [The Day Hell Broke Loose 3]
Home of candy paint and purple drank, this is H-town
2006 Swishahouse "Gangsta" feat. Scarface [The Day Hell Broke Loose 3]
Purple drank, wet paint, fired up, let it stank
1999-03-16 Pastor Troy "Ain't No Sunshine" [We Ready, I Declare War]
You got D's, candy paint, wood grain with the leather seats
2006-09-12 Mr. Marcelo "Dip & Turn" feat. Louie The 14Th, Z-Ro [Son of Magnolia]
Candy paint dripping, while I'm wood grain gripping
2006-03-28 T.I. "Top Back" [King]
Still my paint wet, drippin, while I'm woodgrain grippin
2013-04-30 Chance The Rapper "Chain Smoker" [Acid Rap]
Woodgrain gripping, paint dripping motha, shut your mouth