Royce Da 5'9


2007-06-04 Royce Da 5'9 "Royce Is Like" [The Bar Exam]
Peace, y'all, I'm out, niggaz, I'm bout figures
1998-08-11 M.O.P. "Downtown Swinga '98" [First Family 4 Life]
Mash 'em out, no doubt, blast 'em out
1998-10-16 Tela "Bring 'Em Out" [Now Or Never]
Bring dem hoes out, let em show out
1999-10-05 Ludacris "Catch Up" feat. F.A.T.E., Infamous 2-0 [Realest Niggaz Down South]
If it's hoes out, I show out
1981 Little Starsky "Dancin' Party People" [Dancin' Party People]
Check, check this out, I wanna turn it out
1983 The Sequence "Here Comes The Bride" [The Sequence Party]
Let's turn it out, scream it out and shout, sing
2001-07-03 Tha Alkaholiks "151" feat. Xzibit [X.O. Experience]
Turn it out, we'll smash and bang and blow a circuit out
2000-02-01 Tha Eastsidaz "Dogghouse" feat. Rappin' 4-Tay, Tha Locs [Tha Eastsidaz]
Dogghouse, turnin it out, and if you ain't dope, you gots to get the fuck out