Black Star


1998-07-14 John Forte "Madina Passage" feat. 20 Grand, Baracus, Casino Red, El Harim, Jeni Fujita, St. Nikolas [Poly Sci]
Travel on, trying to go platinum in Brook-lawn!
1999-02-23 Black Star "Respiration (Flying High Mix)" [Respiration]
The planet of Brook-lawn is what I look on
1991-08-30 Naughty By Nature "Rhyme'll Shine On" feat. Aphrodite [Naughty By Nature]
A song which is on and long but still cock-strong
2005-10-18 Play N Skillz "Hey Lady (Remix)" [The Album Before The Album]
She loves to give me dome, lust up on, and then I'm gone
1996-11-19 Foxy Brown "Fox Boogie" feat. Kid Capri [Ill Na Na]
I flows on like heron
2009-12-08 Gucci Mane "Kush Is My Cologne" feat. Bun B, Devin The Dude, E-40 [The State Vs. Radric Davis]
Baby wanna jump my bones, she got her 'fuck me' jeans on
1995-08-22 Twinz "Don't Get It Twisted" [Conversation]
Keep my game-face on, paper's not long
2007-05-15 H.A.W.K. "Let's Get It On" feat. Paul Wall, Scooby, Slim Thug [Endangered Species]
Let's get it on, mayne, gotta get my money long
1990-12-15 EPMD "Hardcore" feat. Redman [Business As Usual]
Rockin on, word is bond, so abandon ship
1991-10-29 LL Cool J "Strictly Business" [Strictly Business Soundtrack]
Word is bond, we gotta keep on rising
1992-08-11 Double XX Posse "Headcracker" [Put Ya Boots On]
Word is bond, I'm trying to stay in the house from now on, man
1992-09-22 Redman "Rated 'R'" [Whut? Thee Album]
That's what type of shit I'm on, word is bond
1993-10-19 Black Moon "Shit Iz Real" [Enta Da Stage]
Word is bond, shit is on like this
1994-10-18 Digable Planets "For Corners" feat. M. Payne, Sulaiman [Blowout Comb]
Word is bond, 'cause Sule the steps be on
1994-11-01 Brand Nubian "Word Is Bond" [Everything Is Everything]
Word is bond, we got it goin' on
1994-11-08 Keith Murray "How's That?" feat. Erick Sermon, Redman [The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World]
1994 Champ MC "Here I Come" [Ghetto Flava]
I got it going on, word is bond, Champ is still the master
1995-01-10 Smif-N-Wessun "Home Sweet Home" [Dah Shinin]
Word is bond, there's a muthafuckin war goin on
1995-01-17 The Roots "What Goes On Pt. 7" [Do You Want More?!!!??!]
Word is bond, when I'm on, I rage
1995-03-08 Big L "All Black" [Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous]
I must warn, I got it goin on, word is bond
1996-06-04 Lost Boyz "1, 2, 3" [Legal Drug Money]
Shit is on, word is bond, money is gone
1997-11-04 Jedi Mind Tricks "Onetwothree" [The Psycho-Social LP]
Arm leg, leg arm, my word is bond, so I move on
2005-05-31 Sean Price "Shakedown" feat. Starang Wondah, Steele [Monkey Barz]
That's what I'm on, baby got back, word is bond
2008-09-23 Dr. Dooom "Run For Your Life" feat. Fathed [Dr. Dooom 2]
Word is bond, I'm turnin those forest lights on
2009-03-24 MF Doom "Cellz" [Born Like This]
Word is bond, fix your clothes, put a shirt on