2007-02-14 Cam'Ron "Curtis (50 Cent Diss)" [Curtis]
My a-alikes that stay to fight from day to night
2012-12-18 T.I. "Wildside" feat. A$AP Rocky [Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head]
Them geek monsters walk all night with they crack pipes, tryin' to get right
2003-12-16 Raekwon "Planet of The Apes" feat. Capone, Polite, Sheek Louch [The Lex Diamond Story]
Ayo, late night, candle light, fiend with a crackpipe
2001-09-11 P. Diddy "American Dream" feat. Black Rob, David Bowie, Kain, Loon, Mark Curry [Training Day Soundtrack]
Took my hard white, had niggas sellin' the same block, pumpin' the same night
2007-04-24 Joell Ortiz "125 Pt. 1 (The Bio)" [The Brick: Bodega Chronicles]
All night huggin the strip, servin' a pregnant bitch hard white
1994-11-15 Method Man "Sub Crazy" [Tical]
Styles be trite, trife like a thief in the night
1996-06-04 Ice-T "To Live & Die In L.A." [Return Of The Real]
Every night my niggaz get trife
1996-06-18 Heltah Skeltah "Letha Brainz Blo" [Nocturnal]
Might lose his life, cuz I'm trife in the night
1996-11-12 Eminem "Maxine" feat. Danaun Porter And 3 [Infinite]
You living trife, got three kids at home and club-hopping every night
1997-02-11 Funkmaster Flex "Kaotic Style - Freestyle" feat. Kaotic Style [The Mix Tape Volume 1: 60 Minutes of Funk]
Aiyyo, I be the trife one in the night, son, it's the lifer
1998-06-02 Onyx "Street Nigguz" feat. X-1 [Shut 'Em Down]
I'm so trife, hope I can live another night
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "In For Life" [Terror Squad - The Album]
Shit is trife, lose your life just tryin to break night
2001-11-20 8Ball "Live This" [Almost Famous]
Late at night, trife niggaz be out gettin hype
2003-07-29 C-Rayz Walz "Camouflage" [Ravipops (The Substance)]
Excited by the night life and the trife streets
2012-08-21 Chino XL "Afraid of Nothing" feat. Somaya Reese [Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary]
Werewolf in the night, that'll have you and your trife afterlife unitin
1997-09-16 Brotha Lynch Hung "Heatas" feat. First Degree, P-Folk, Polo [Loaded]
Trump tight, murder on sight, split ya dome, hit ya home at night
1998-09-15 Magic "No Limit" feat. C-Murder, Snoop Dogg [Sky's The Limit]
We do it up all night, and we keep it trump tight
2003-05-25 Nate Dogg "Next Boyfriend" feat. Knoc-Turn'Al [Nate Dogg]
Late night, trump tight, midnight, just right, trenchcoat, no clothes
1999-06-15 Heavy D "On Point" feat. 8Ball, Big Punisher [Heavy]
Miami girls hit that white and shake it all night
1998-08-11 Killarmy "Where I Rest At" [Dirty Weaponry]
I got that white, white, and my shit sells all night