Tha Alkaholiks


2001-07-03 Tha Alkaholiks "L-I-K-S" [X.O. Experience]
We stay keyed, keep on givin the fans what they need
2004-11-23 The Diplomats "Push It" feat. J.R. Writer [Diplomatic Immunity Vol. 2]
Satisfy my need, drinking sizzurp, now, bitch, just roll my weed
2008-02-13 Fabolous "Hand On My Glock" feat. La The Darkman, Willie The Kid [There Is No Competition]
Got what you need, that coke, that heron, that speed
1999-11-30 Mr. Pookie "Visions of A Silent One" [Tha Rippla]
Damn, I gotta hit a lick, naw, you need to hit that weed
2001-05-22 Redman "Whut I'ma Do Now" [Malpractice]
2004 Marc Live "Bellevue" feat. Sinistre [Validation - Attack of The Grunge]
The re-up, who need the weed, come rush