Sir Mix-A-Lot


1996-08-27 Sir Mix-A-Lot "Bark Like U Want It" [Return of The Bumpasaurus]
You bought a 6-4 wit the 3-wheel mo'
2002 S.L.A.B. "We To Real" feat. Ab, Dyno [Underground 4 Life Vol. 1]
Letting out ten shots with a Calico, just so a nigga don't want no mo'
2007-04-17 K-Rino "Come On Down" feat. Chalie Boy [Book Number 7]
We got mo' flows than a welfare office got baby mamas
1998-10-27 Bushwick Bill "Kaos Cidity" feat. Kaos, Kyhil [No Surrender... No Retreat]
A high-powered hoe, a high-saditty bitch mack mo'
1999-10-12 Spice 1 "Can I Hit It?" [Immortalized]
Spark up the indo, said, "Baby, give me some mo'"
2003-05-13 Yo Gotti "Sell My Dope" [Life]
Move birds on the low, and seen a hundred or mo'
2001-11-16 Lil' Keke "Pyrex Shakin'" feat. Lil' C [Platinum In Da Ghetto]
Going hard with the snow, till it ain't no mo'