Infamous Mobb


2002-03-26 Infamous Mobb "We Strive" feat. Ty Maxx [Special Edition]
Dump for mine, now I mix rap with crime
1998-04-28 Mac Dre "Let's All Get Down" [Stupid Doo Doo Dumb]
A cuddy of mine had to do some time 'cuz a nigga dropped a dime
1998-01-20 Young Bleed "Lil Poppa Got A Brand New Bag" feat. Maxinelli [My Balls & My Word]
Holla at ya boy, unemployed, in the welfare line gettin mine
1989-05-19 Chill Rob G "Bad Dreams" [Ride The Rhythm]
Dude had a nine, but his wasn't as fast as mine
1990-07-01 Run-D.M.C. "The Ave." [Back From Hell]
1990-07-01 Run-D.M.C. "The Ave." [Back From Hell]
2006 Saigon "Desperado" [The Return of The Yardfather]
When the D's found the nine, we both said it aint mine
1999-07-06 Fiend "Trip To London" feat. Kage, Mo B. Dick, O'Dell [Street Life]
Smoking that gray pine, they save mine
1994-05-23 Beastie Boys "The Scoop" [Ill Communication]
My life is mine, word is born, I rhyme
1991-11-12 2Pac "Crooked Ass Nigga" [2Pacalypse Now]
I got a TEC-9, now his smokin' ass is mine
1999-11-02 Tash "Blackula" feat. Tha Alkaholiks [Rap Life]
Why you wanna bite mine? I blow you away like white lines