Brand Nubian


2007-08-21 Brand Nubian "Brand Nu Hustle" [Time's Runnin' Out]
Y'all niggaz be playin on the mic, peace to all my a-alikes
2001-12-23 Gym Class Heroes "This Thing Called Life" [For The Kids]
Won't stop writin 'til the mic is like a crack pipe
2001-12-18 Lil' Bow Wow "Off Tha Glass" [Doggy Bag]
Earned my stripes from the platinum mic
2007 Kryme Life "Streets Without Kryme" feat. Triple O.G. [The Kryme Wave]
With the mic, I hold stripes, like a pair of shelltoes
2009-06-12 Hilltop Hoods "Super Official" [State of The Art]
I've been earning my stripes till I'm perfect when I'm working the mic
2010 Black Knights "Dart Affair" feat. Dexter Wiggles, Prodigal Sunn, RZA [The Stolen Legacy Vol. 1]
We damage the mic like young riders looking for stripes
1994-03-08 Gang Starr "Speak Ya Clout" feat. Jeru The Damaja, Lil' Dap [Hard To Earn]
Niggaz tend to live trife, so I react with the mic
1995-11-21 Group Home "Inna Citi Life" [Livin' Proof]
Swing the mic, livin trife, do what you like
1997-03-02 D12 "Bad News" [The Underground EP]
The trifest MC, you never wanna fight with, or rock a mic with