Half A Mill


2000 Half A Mill "Bounce" feat. Spice 1 [Milion]
Hydro in the ill whip, ride low, then I'm wilted, duck 5-0
2008-08-05 Buddha Monk "We Roll In Brooklyn" [Unreleased Chambers]
Lockdown 5-0 with a scope that hide low
2012-09-25 Lupe Fiasco "Strange Fruition" feat. Casey Benjamin [Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1]
Embedded they go, no eyelids gone low, gone by sundown, they're dodging 5-0
2012-11-15 Action Bronson "Modern Day Revelations" feat. Roc Marciano [Rare Chandeliers]
Ride slow, eyes low, 5-0
2013-05-21 Travis Scott "Uptown" feat. A$Ap Ferg [Owl Pharaoh]
Dice on the corner with the lights low, got the base in my sock, fuck the 5-0
1995-11-24 Eazy-E "Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Streetz" feat. B.G. Knocc Out, Dresta, Menajahtwa [Str8 Off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton]
Got the 6-4 kinda low as we bouncing
2006-10-31 Ice-T "Riding Low" feat. Feddi De Marco [Gangsta Rap]
I'm in a starburst 64, riding low
2007-10-23 Hurricane Chris "Bang" feat. Bigg Redd, Big Poppa [51/50 Ratchet]
Lean with it, then drop it low like a 64
1994-05-10 South Central Cartel "Bring It On" ['N Gatz We Truss]
The 64's drop low
2006 S.L.A.B. "When We Pull Out" feat. Big Bee, E, Lil Head, Mr. 3-2, Pimp Skinny, Thib, Warren G [Underground 4 Life Vol. 2]
Now, here I go, I crawl down low on 84's
1992-02-04 Sir Mix-A-Lot "Lockjaw" [Mack Daddy]
Steppin' on toes and throwin' low bolos
2003-03-04 Fabolous "Sickalicious" feat. Missy Elliott [Street Dreams]
I'm da papi cholo, the cops say the tops on the drops is too low
1993-03-09 Bloods & Crips "Bangin' On Wax" [Bangin' On Wax]
I throw low blows and elbows on low-lows and that type of shit
2001-10-09 Kottonmouth Kings "Killa Kali" feat. The Judge [Hidden Stash II The Kream of The Krop]
Slang elbows, lay real low
2013-07-04 Starlito "One Long Day" feat. Petty [Cold Turkey]
My eyes are low, they still on the prize, though, and I'm still lookin for five-o
1988-08-08 N.W.A. "Parental Discretion Iz Advised" feat. The D.O.C. [Straight Outta Compton]
I get low on the flow, so let your kids know
2006-12-12 Black-Ty "Get Low" feat. Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Too $hort [Alter Ego]
Get low on the flow hoe, now turn it out
1996-09-03 Do Or Die "Po Pimp" feat. Johnny P, Tung Twista [Picture This]
Fly low to them hoes in the B-M
1993-03-09 Bloods & Crips "K's Up" [Bangin' On Wax]
1998-05-19 Soulja Slim "Street Life" feat. Master P, Silkk the Shocker [Give It 2 'Em Raw]
Sittin' low in low-low's
2014-08-12 Twista "Crisis" feat. Tech N9ne [Dark Horse]
Nah, not so low like burnin Optimo!
1994-05-30 Jayo Felony "Bitch I'm Through" [Take A Ride]
The po-po wanna know why my eyes low
1995-07-03 Luniz "So Much Drama" feat. Nik Nack [Operation Stackola]
Po-po start searchin low, but found no evidence
2008-03-06 Buddha Monk "We On Point" feat. Casine Kelly, I-Born, Shake-A-Vel [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk]
Duck low and make sure I'm clear of the po-po
1999-02-16 Mr. Serv-On "Tank Niggas" feat. No Limit All-Stars [Da Next Level]
2006-04-11 LL Cool J "Favorite Flavor" feat. Mary J. Blige [Todd Smith]
Low, but thick, thick, like the base in a six-fo'
2006-03-21 Murs "L.A." [Murray's Revenge]
The land where the six-fo's, hop up and get low
2006-11-21 Snoop Dogg "That's That Shit" feat. R. Kelly [Tha Blue Carpet Treatment]
Dippin' low, six-four
2009-08-31 Down A.K.A. Kilo "One Hood" feat. Erik Turner [Cholo Skate]
In a six-four, drop it real low
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Marinatin'" [Soul On Ice]
Drink was low, went to the stash, and pulled out the XO
1998-07-14 John Forte "We Got This" feat. 20 Grand, DMX [Poly Sci]
Sell stocks slow, sellin' high, buy low, from Medina up to Y.O.