Royal Flush


1997-08-19 Royal Flush "Dead Letter" [Ghetto Millionaire]
Put my a-alike to rest, I'm gonna stay here and live life up to best
1998-11-03 Bravehearts "I Wanna Live" feat. Nature [Belly Soundtrack]
Hit you harder than a crack pipe, live the gat life
2000-10-16 Scarface "O.G. To Me" feat. Daz, Jayo Felony, Kurupt [The Last of A Dying Breed]
Beware of the crack pipe, that's by far in ya life
2005-01-04 Atmosphere "Substance Abuse" feat. Extreme [Headshots: Se7en]
We'll fuck up your life like a crack pipe
2000-11-28 Master P "Life I Live" feat. Short Circuit, Slay Sean [Ghetto Postage]
I love my life, rockin' rollies with ice
1999 E.S.G. "Life of E.S.G" [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Our life is so shife, so every night I say these words
2000-06-06 Camoflauge "No Love" [I Represent]
Over dollar bets and dice niggas lose they life, ain't that shife
2000-10-10 Guerilla Maab "What U Haters Say" feat. Young Paccinos [In The Mist of Guerillas]
Why you gotta interfere with my life, then turn it around like I'm the one shife
2000-10-10 Z-Ro "Steady Ballin'" feat. H.A.W.K. [Z-Ro Vs. The World]
I put it on my balls and on my life, Z-Ro never been shife
2001-06-26 Z-Ro "Pain" [King of Da Ghetto]
My life, my life, falls under the wicked and shife
2001-06-26 Z-Ro "Real Niggaz" [King of Da Ghetto]
Y'all know me, talking about this shife-ass life that we live
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "We Ain't Trippin' No Mo" feat. Z-Ro [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
The game of life be shife, better think twice
2002-04-16 Z-Ro "Life" feat. H20, Mr. 3-2 [Screwed Up Click Representa]
Take a look at my life, everybody around here so shife
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "Dirty Southside" feat. Chris Ward, H.A.W.K. [Year of The Underdawgs]
This is the home of the shife, thugs and killas caught up in the street life
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "2 All You Hoes" [Year of The Underdawgs]
They living the life so shife, and knowing it ain't right
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "Life As Thugs" [Year of The Underdawgs]
I put it on my life, this world is shife, everybody gon' wanna die
2003-09-09 Trae "Life On Da Edge" feat. Shyna, T.C. [Losing Composure]
I can't focus on my life, when these motherfuckers be shife
2003-09-09 Trae "Stressin Me" feat. Billy Cook [Losing Composure]
Living life shife, and ride a nigga dick tight
2004 S.L.A.B. "Got Mine" feat. Agg, Archie Lee, Big Bee, E, Lil' C, Lil Sha, Pimp Skinny [Volume 4]
I know the game done got shife, but I'm living life
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "Back Streets" feat. Brandon Stacks [Family Business]
This here is real life, where nigga be shife with fake smiles
2007-08-07 UGK "How Long Can It Last" feat. Charlie Wilson [Underground Kingz]
I'm out here riskin my life, niggaz shife, but I stay trill
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "Triple Threat" feat. Armageddon, Big Pun, Cuban Link [The Album]
I been a soulja all my life, fought for stripes, almost saw the light
2006-06-27 Tha Dogg Pound "It's All Hood" feat. Snoop Dogg [Cali Iz Active]
Do this for life, the homeboys gettin' hood stripes
2007-03-27 Tha Dogg Pound "Throw Ya Hood Up" [Dogg Chit]
This the hood life, young niggaz doin' anything for them hood stripes
2007-04-24 Joell Ortiz "125 Pt. 1 (The Bio)" [The Brick: Bodega Chronicles]
Underdog all his life, earned his stripes doin things he ain't like
2009-07-04 Atmosphere "The Ropes" [Leak At Will]
You gotta live your life, you gotta get your stripes
2010-03-23 Inspectah Deck "Serious Rappin'" feat. Planet Asia, Termanology [Manifesto]
I earn my stripes, I burn for life, I turn your wife
2011-12-20 Common "The Believer" feat. John Legend [The Dreamer/The Believer]
Lesson's in our life, but life stripes that we earning
1989-11-07 Queen Latifah "Latifah's Law" [All Hail The Queen]
Life, it's trife, yeah, but these things happen
1990-07-01 Run-D.M.C. "Naughty" [Back From Hell]
If this is life, your wife, you're livin trife
1991-07-02 Slick Rick "King" [The Ruler's Back]
One for the trife shit, run for ya life
1991-11-12 2Pac "I Don't Give A Fuck" [2Pacalypse Now]
Your trife-ass wife wants a life with a black man
1992-05-05 Gang Starr "Stay Tuned" [Daily Operation]
It's trife the way some live life
1993-05-18 Guru "Down The Backstreets" feat. Lonnie Liston Smith [Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1]
Get a handle on life, and quit livin so trife
1993-11-09 Wu-Tang Clan "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" [Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)]
Mega trife, and yo, I killed you in a past life
1993 Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs "Love Comes & Goes" [Roxbury 02119]
Loot is worth more than a life, cause niggaz livin trife
1994-01-18 Kurious "Jorge of The Projects" [A Constipated Monkey]
Trife, project life, yeah, you might say that
1995-01-17 The Roots "Silent Treatment" [Do You Want More?!!!??!]
Livin trife, while I open ya mind, you're in my life
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Trife Life" [The Infamous]
We livin the motherfuckin trife life
1995 Sunz of Man "Soldiers of Darkness" feat. 9th Prince, Killa Sin [Soldiers of Darkness Cd-5/Maxi-Cassette]
I gotta get a grip, an edge on life, I'm livin' trife, G
1996-03-15 Busta Rhymes "Hot Fudge" [The Coming]
Permanently trife and affecting life like immunization
1996-06-18 Heltah Skeltah "Letha Brainz Blo" [Nocturnal]
Might lose his life, cuz I'm trife in the night
1996-06-25 Mobb Deep "Street Life" feat. A.C.D., L.E.S. [America Is Dying Slowly]
Dear lord, my life is trife, please forgive for me sins
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Sunshine" [Stakes Is High]
Best believe that the life is trife
1996-09-16 Big Noyd "Recognize & Realize" feat. Prodigy [Episodes of A Hustla]
The trife life rough, wearin' handcuffs like bracelets
1996-10-22 M.O.P. "Illside of Town" [Firing Squad]
Here in Crooklyn it's trife, criminals out to take everything from your jewels to your life
1996-10-22 M.O.P. "Nothing 2 Lose" [Firing Squad]
There comes a time in your life that get trife
1996-11-05 The Roots "Ital" feat. Q-Tip [Illadelph Halflife]
Perpetuatin' real life, the shit kicked is real trife
1996-12-10 Redman "Da Ill Out" feat. Def Squad [Muddy Waters]
Night fall might call your life, shit is trife
1997-02-17 Camp Lo "Black Nostaljack (A.K.A. Come On)" [Uptown Saturday Night]
The diamond life is trife
1997-07-01 Puff Daddy "Friends" feat. Foxy Brown [No Way Out]
Oh yeah? I'm up in your life, play you trife
1997-08-19 Royal Flush "Can't Help It" feat. Khadejia [Ghetto Millionaire]
All my life, they said I'm trife, street rebel wit Nikes
1997-09-15 Busta Rhymes "Things We Be Doin' For Money (Part One)" [When Disaster Strikes]
I stay on some real trife shit, test your life shit or even stab you on some
1997-10-07 2Pac "Lost Souls" feat. Outlawz [Gang Related Soundtrack]
Livin the life of trife juveniles
1997-11-04 Rakim "Mystery (Who Is God)" [The 18th Letter]
Life start and ending, we got trife and started sinning
1997 GP Wu "1st Thing First" [Don't Go Against The Grain]
Don't fight, I observe the street life is trife
1998-03-31 Cocoa Brovaz "Myah Angelow" feat. Deidra Artis, Tall Sean [The Rude Awakening]
What's the reason of life? Stack dough or live trife
1998-05-26 The Cross Movement "Cypha Time" [Heaven's Mentality]
Word, it's a sad life, we be living mad trife
1998-06-02 Onyx "Face Down" [Shut 'Em Down]
Do a heist, ya niggaz ain't true to life, my whole crew is trife!
1998-07-14 Fat Joe "Triplets" feat. Big Punisher, Prospect [Don Cartagena]
A life that's trife
1998-09-20 Deadly Venoms "Word Life" [Antidote]
Word life, I'm living trife, surrounded by thugs
1998-10-06 Prime Suspects "Macs & Choppers" [Guilty Til Proven Innocent]
My life so trife with all the hustles and flights
1998-10-27 Bushwick Bill "Tragedy" [No Surrender... No Retreat]
While you live life, this trife shit just caught up
1998-11-17 Ice Cube "Limos, Demos & Bimbos" feat. Mr. Short Khop [War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)]
I'm livin so trife, I need jesus in my life
1998 Cappadonna "Run" [The Pillage]
Word, life is trife on the block, it's too hot
1998 Gonzoe "You'll Never Get Next To Me" feat. Madd Maxx, Mr. X [If I Live & Nothing Happens]
Still livin the life that is trife
1998 McGruff "Who Holds His Own" [Destined To Be]
Why the hell is life like this, trife like this?
1998 La The Darkman "Spring Water" feat. Raekwon [Heist of The Century]
Goin through the struggles of life is trife
1999-02-23 The Roots "Table of Contents (Parts 1 & 2)" [Things Fall Apart]
My religion is a way of life, but the trife replays
1999-04-20 Wu-Syndicate "Bust A Slug" feat. Ill Knob, Trigga [Wu-Syndicate]
Got to live in this life, baby, times is trife
1999-05-11 Snoop Dogg "My Heat Goes Boom" [No Limit Top Dogg]
So trife your life could disappear
1999-06-01 Group Home "Make It In Life" feat. Agallah [A Tear For The Ghetto]
Just to make it in life, I used be livin trife
1999-08-17 Originoo Gunn Clappaz "Dirtiest Players In The Game" feat. Heltah Skeltah [The M-Pire Shrikez Back]
Life as a trife nigga, sayin "Bye, baby!"
1999-09-21 Terror Squad "In For Life" [Terror Squad - The Album]
Shit is trife, lose your life just tryin to break night
1999-10-05 Inspectah Deck "Trouble Man (Sign of The Times)" [Uncontrolled Substance]
The big life is trife, got the young kids hyped
1999-10-12 Black Menace "Hustlin' 4 Nothin'" feat. Threat [Mo Drama]
Dog, the game of life is trife, you don't make new friends
1999-11-09 The Ambassador "Hands In The Air" [Christology In Laymen's Terms]
In the eyes of this world, my life is trife
1999-11-09 The Ambassador "Product of The City Life" [Christology In Laymen's Terms]
I see the trife life that's in the urban
1999-11-30 Mr. Pookie "Destiny" feat. K-Roc [Tha Rippla]
Where I'm goin in this life, it's so trife, I get to schemin' and dreamin'
2000-02-22 D.I.T.C. "Day One" [D.I.T.C.]
You frontin' like you trife, but never pulled a heist in your life
2000-03-14 Dead Prez "The Pistol" [Let's Get Free]
Leave a dent in my life time, I'm caught up in trife crime
2000-05-16 Big Tymers "My Life" feat. Hot Boy$ [I Got That Work]
We on top now, nigga, no longer livin that trife life
2000-08-15 David Banner "Living" feat. Devin, Kamikaze [Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1]
I've lived this life so hella trife in this pursuit of loot and fame
2000-11-28 Kool G Rap "Legendary Street Team" feat. M.O.P. [Lyricist Lounge 2]
My attributes of life never too nice, the rules are too trife
2000 Cormega "Take Mine" [You Don't Want It]
The trife life, I rock jewels with ice
2001-03-20 Iceberg "Dog 4 Life" [Exit Wounds Soundtrack]
It's my life, yo' life, goin trife from the bad advice
2001-04-17 Angie Martinez "Thug Love" feat. Fat Joe, L-Burna [Up Close & Personal]
Fuckin' with them dudes that's trife, you lose your life
2001-07-24 Cormega "Killaz Theme II" feat. Mobb Deep [The Realness]
Ayo, peace to our way of life, hats off to all the trife
2001-07-24 Cormega "R U My Nigga?" [The Realness]
Can you accept the consequences of life, of livin trife
2001-08-15 Tonedeff "Detonator" [Hyphen EP]
I'm a purist, and you're trife life is purposeless
2002-03-19 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Lintballz" feat. Brooklyn Zoo, Popa Chief, Sunz of Man [Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones]
I'm trife, nigga, and I don't live by bible life
2002-06-11 Cormega "I'm Built For This" [The True Meaning]
The realness I live and die, the streets I epitomize, the trife life
2002-07-30 Half A Mill "Go On" feat. Quintay Soul [Da Hustle Don't Stop]
This world is trife, it's life, I see it all through the pictures
2002-09-03 Sunz of Man "House of Blues" feat. Madam D [Saviorz Day]
You know the hood is trife, only few taste a good life
2003-07-29 C-Rayz Walz "Camouflage" [Ravipops (The Substance)]
Excited by the night life and the trife streets
2003 Children of The Corn "Giving Up The Game" [Children of The Corn]
I live fast and trife, the shit don't last for life!
2003 Obie Trice "One By One (1X1)" feat. J-Hill, Proof [One By One]
Outta life, yo, the trife wanna clear you
2004-08-10 Kutt Calhoun "N A Whitemanzeyez" feat. Tech N9ne [B.L.E.V.E.]
I'm a nigga that's so trife, a nigga with no life, a nigga with no rights at all
2004 House Gang Animalz "Graveshift" feat. Fes Taylor, King Just [UndaDogz Vol. 01]
Real life still trife, walk with a gun, talk with a knife
2005-02-08 Rapper Big Pooh "Scars" feat. Joe Scudda, Median [Sleepers]
Some niggas get trife when you playing with their life
2005-02-22 Cormega "Montana Diary" [The Testament]
My life's so trife, I don't advise y'all niggaz to try to live it
2005-02 JoJo Pellegrino "Hearts of Men" feat. Carlton Fisk [Hitman For Hire]
Then it's back to my trife life, clippin and wackin
2005-03-29 Mac Dre & Mac Mall "Dredio" feat. E-40, Mac Mall [Da U.S. Open]
I come from the slum, where life is trife
2005-03-30 Buddha Monk "Make This Money, Take This Money" feat. 12 O'Clock, I-Born, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Shacronz, Shyheim [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 1: Throwbacks]
Court, king sees thought, lot of life trife
2006-01-24 CunninLynguists "The Gates" feat. Tonedeff [A Piece of Strange]
On life, being less trife with a white wife
2006-03-19 Ceschi "End of Skies" feat. David Ramos, Icon The Mic King, Shoshin [They Hate Francisco False]
In the end, human life felt so damn trife
2006-03-21 Bizzy Bone "Play It Again" [The Story]
I'ma keep it real life and not real trife, I don't even play no games
2006-03-21 Bizzy Bone "Bizzy's Story" [The Story]
I don't even remember havin fun, all I can remember is a trife life
2006-05-23 Bronze Nazareth "More Than Gold" feat. Timbo King [The Great Migration]
My wild life is trife like arachnid's trapped in amber
2006-06-27 Lord Jamar "The Corner, The Streets" feat. Grand Puba [The 5% Album]
This is real life, and it's real trife
2006 Shadow Government "Why" feat. L.I.S. [Innocent Till Proven Guilty]
This life that I live is as trife as it is
2007-10-22 Hell Razah & Blue Sky Black Death "Written In Blood" feat. Prodigal Sunn [Razah's Ladder]
A lot have fell from the tree of life, deceitful and trife
2007 Heart Foundation "What Cha Life Like?" [King of Hearts]
We live the trife life
2008-09-23 Hell Razah "Indian Giver" [Ultra Sounds of A Renaissance Child]
George Bush wanna cheat on his life, it's so trife
2009 Sick Jacken "Sick Life" feat. Bacardi, Cynic [Stray Bullets]
It's the life of the trife, cross and get your wig spliced
2012-08-21 Chino XL "Closer To God" [Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary]
You bet your life that what I write is mega-trife
2004-08-03 Masta Ace "The Ways" [A Long Hot Summer]
This life attracts some of the trifest cats
1995-08-01 Raekwon "Ice Water" feat. Cappachino, Ghostface Killah [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...]
That's life, to top it all off, beef for white