Brotha Lynch Hung


1995-02-28 Brotha Lynch Hung "Rest In Piss" [Season of Da Siccness]
MAC 10 in my lap with fat sack of that crack
2001-03-20 Kam "Active" feat. Spade [Kamnesia]
Listenin to gangsta rap, thang on my lap, steady havin anxiety attacks, ready to snap
1993-12-10 JT The Bigga Figga "Game Recognize Game" feat. Mac Mall [Playaz N The Game]
I maintain and always keep my gat on my lap
2004-09-17 The Alchemist "D Block To QB" feat. Havoc, J-Hood, Noyd, Styles P [1st Infantry]
Bottle of 'gnac next to me, on my lap is the MAC
2004-03-30 Dead Prez "I Have A Dream Too" [Revolutionary But Gangsta]
Backseat of the 'lac, big gat in my lap
2001-12-04 Fat Joe "Fight Club" feat. M.O.P., Petey Pablo [Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)]
Automatic MAC, whodie, on my lap, doin 30
2005-09-13 DJ Quik "Get Down" feat. Chingy [Trauma]
Sit in my lap, and look at my snaps
1994-03-22 Tha Dogg Pound "Dogg Pound 4 Life" feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg [Above The Rim Soundtrack]
Tote a strap in my lap because the fueds is on
1995-11-21 Cold World Hustlers "Straight Doin' It" [Iceland]
In my lap my fuckin' strap, and po po's on my fuckin' back
2005-12-20 The Notorious B.I.G. "Breakin' Old Habits" feat. Slim Thug, T.I. [Duets: The Final Chapter]
2007-10-03 Trae "Against All Odds" feat. 2Pac [Life Goes On]
With a couple straps in my lap, holdin a couple slugs
2003-06-24 Gang Starr "Nice Girl, Wrong Place" feat. Boy Big [The Ownerz]
I'm in the back drinking yak, with you on my lap