Dr. Ama
laid out


1994-07-19 Coolio "Hand On My Nutsac" [It Takes A Thief]
I won't be played out, strung out, laid out
1997-10-14 Gravediggaz "Dangerous Mindz" [The Pick, The Sickle, & The Shovel]
Seconds after that you fade out, you're played out, you're laid out
2000-10-17 Reflection Eternal "Good Mourning" [Train of Thought]
Dramas is played out, shorties get laid out
2009-04-17 Dr. Ama "Stick Up Chronicles" feat. Blackk Money, Blackk Starr, Young G [Split Personali-d]
I got it laid out, some time these bird-ass niggas got played out