South Central Cartel


1997-06-03 South Central Cartel "Funk U Up" [All Day Everyday]
Throwin bolos, so fuck what Bo knows
2000-02-29 Ice Cube "The Gutter Shit" feat. Gangsta, Jayo Felony, Squeek Rule [War & Peace Vol. 2: (The Peace Disc)]
I know you knows, cuz now my decimals, done fiend for the green
2007-02-13 Boss Hogg Outlawz "Recognize A Playa" [Serve & Collect]
My wrist on froze, ery'body knows
1992-04-26 UGK "Cocaine In The Back of The Ride" [The Southern Way]
On the low my fuckin momma knows
2003-10-14 Lil' O "He Ain't Got To Know" feat. Big T [Food On Tha Table]
Let's keep this on the low, so no one knows that we screwing
2000-04-25 E.S.G. "Ballin Outta Control" feat. D-Gotti, Kano, Yung Redd [City Under Siege]
Keep my bidness on the low-low, nobody knows about the branch