2005 UGK "Texas Ave. Interlude" [4 Life]
The knife, so if you actin shife, then I'ma give ya somethin you could feel
1987 The Lord Shafiyq "My Mic Is On Fire" [My Mic Is On Fire / Kool Kat]
I'm gettin trife like a mortal with a Ginsu knife
1988-11-03 Slick Rick "Kit (What's The Scoop?)" [The Great Adventures of Slick Rick]
Someone threw a knife, who could be this trife
1992-05-05 Gang Starr "The Illest Brother" [Daily Operation]
I used to hang with kids who like to live trife with a knife
1992-09-22 Showbiz & A.G. "Hold Ya Head" [Runaway Slave]
I can't live trife, shot, stabbed with a knife
1998-10-20 Buddha Monk "Cuts To The Gut" feat. Dutch Masta Killa, Shorty Shitstain [The Prophecy]
For those livin trife, it cuts like a knife
1999-09-12 Ice-T "The 7Th" feat. Marc Live, Ras Kass, Tash [The Seventh Deadly Sin]
Trife niggas knife you, seven venoms fight you
2001-05-01 Necro "Dedicated To The Trife '95" [Rare Demos & Freestyles Vol. 2]
This is dedicated to the trife with the butcher knife
2004-06-15 Sabac "Positive & Negative" feat. Necro [Sabacolypse - 'A Change Gon' Come]
Violently rift with a knife to get what I like, cuz the system is trife
2004-07-27 Mr. Hyde "Weapons of Mass Destruction" [Barn of The Naked Death]
Carve with a large knife, and you're trife
2004 House Gang Animalz "Graveshift" feat. Fes Taylor, King Just [UndaDogz Vol. 01]
Real life still trife, walk with a gun, talk with a knife