1999-04-06 Nas "Favor For A Favor" feat. Scarface [I Am...]
Comin kamikaze, sparkin' this shit that keep me off the heezy
1993-05-26 Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Death Becomes You" feat. YG'z [Menace II Society Soundtrack]
Fuck the kamikaze, Mecca is on the shotty, hottie
2006-04-11 Cam'Ron "It's Nothin (Remix)" feat. Hell Rell [Dipset: The Movement Moves On]
I'm cocky with the pump, and the shotty kamikaze
2008-02-14 Darkim Be Allah "Peace & Love" feat. Allahwise [The Manhattan Project]
Kamikaze, be warned, I blow louder than a shotty
2008-11-11 Twin Perils "Surgical Strike" [Dark Alliance]
I flash the shotty, brash like kamikaze pilots