Jurassic 5


2002-10-04 Jurassic 5 "Break" [Power In Numbers]
Make a few moves and drop a few jewels
2005-11-08 Lloyd Banks "You Already Know" feat. 50 Cent, Young Buck [Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Soundtrack]
Got a couple old schools and some iced-out jewels
1996-08-13 Cypress Hill "Whatta You Know" [Unreleased & Revamped]
I loot your loot and the jewels with the buddah and the laptop in the nickel-plated tool!
1998-08-11 M.O.P. "4 Alarm Blaze" feat. Teflon And Jay-Z [First Family 4 Life]
Survive wit a nickel-plated tool and jewels, old-timer done fed me
2001-07-24 Pep Love "Act-Phenom" [Ascension]
Caress my jewels and stretch my limbs right before I clutch my tool
2001-09-11 Fabolous "Can't Deny It" feat. Nate Dogg [Ghetto Fabolous]
The kid's wrapped in jewels, the kid clapped that tool
2004-02-04 Chamillionaire "I Be Comin' Down" feat. Rasaq [The Mix Tape Messiah]
I be ridin' with the tool, I be draped in diamond jewels
2009-10-27 Sha Stimuli "I Believe" feat. Khaliq, Lydia Caesar [My Soul To Keep]
I rock a couple jewels, might just hold the tool
1994-09-27 PMD "Steppin' Thru Hardcore" [Shade Business]
Pack tools, truck jewels, niggaz stuck in the pit stop
1996-03-15 Busta Rhymes "Hot Fudge" [The Coming]
Drop jewels on many fools while my niggas pack tools
1996-06-04 Ice-T "Cramp Your Style" [Return Of The Real]
Truckin my jewels, feelin for the tools
1996-06-04 Ice-T "I Must Stand" [Return Of The Real]
Bank jobs and jewels, quick to flex with tools
1997-02-11 Frankie Cutlass "Focus" feat. Lost Boyz, M.O.P. [Politics & Bullshit]
Flashin jewels, talkin, blastin if he pack the tools
1997-06-03 Wu-Tang Clan "Impossible" feat. Tekitha [Wu-Tang Forever]
For a fool peep jewels, keep tools for tough time
1999-04-27 Shabaam Sahdeeq "Every Rhyme I Write" feat. The Cocoa Brovaz [Soundbombing II]
To pull tools and stick you for your jewels
2000-01-25 The LOX "You Told Me" feat. Eve [We Are The Streets]
I don't rock no jewels, but I pops my tools
2002-03-26 Infamous Mobb "We Strive" feat. Ty Maxx [Special Edition]
Pulling out tools for the jewels and stores
2002-04-09 Gravediggaz "Zig Zag Chamber" [Nightmare In A-Minor]
Carryin tools while others be braggin about they carats and jewels
2002-10-08 Boot Camp Clik "And So" [The Chosen Few]
Pop tools, pop jewels, burn Backwoods
2003-12-23 Juvenile "Down South Posted" feat. Skip, Wacko [Juve The Great]
New jewels, new shoes, new tools, new pay, new trips, new clips, new whips
2004-05-21 Ice-T "Cramp Your Style (Live)" feat. DJ Evil E The Great, Trigger Tha Gambler [Gang Culture]
Hawking my jewels, feeling for their tools
2005-02 Iron Mic "All About The Come Up" feat. Bless [12 Rounds, Vol. 1]
Nigga, you see the tools, give up the money and the jewels
2005-03-29 The Game "Put It In The Air" feat. Sky [West Coast Resurrection]
I rock jewels, cop tools, I will not lose
2005-10-18 M.O.P. "G Boy Stance" [St. Marxmen]
Keep it rugged, never smooth, drop jewels, grip tools
2006 Shadow Government "I Still Love You" [Innocent Till Proven Guilty]
Ayo, haters wan' pull tools on me, take jewels off me
2007-10-22 Hell Razah & Blue Sky Black Death "Written In Blood" feat. Prodigal Sunn [Razah's Ladder]
Four kings, slicin' the ring, black tools, jewels it seems
2012-08-27 A$AP Mob "Full Metal Jacket" [Lords Never Worry]
All of my tools, all of my jewels, man, I'm awfully cool
2014-10-14 DJ Quik "Pet Semetary" [The Midnight Life]
Jewels on yo' ass, pullin tools on yo' ass