1997-05-20 Boot Camp Clik "Illa Noyz" feat. Heltah Skeltah, Illa Noyz [For The People]
Sound ill like noise in Brownsville
2012-10-30 Sean Price "By The Way" feat. Torae [Mic Tyson]
Cause Brownsville ill, gotta be on
1979-08-25 The Sugarhill Gang "Rapper's Delight" [Rapper's Delight]
A time to break and a time to chill, to act civilized or act real ill
1987-01-01 C.I.A. "My Posse" feat. Ice Cube, Kid Dee, Sir Jinx [My Posse]
Crenshaw is where I chill, never ever sick, but always ill
1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "Eric B Is President" [Paid In Full]
I don't bug out or chill or be acting ill
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Big Brother Beat" feat. Mos Def [Stakes Is High]
I don't bug out, I chill, don't be actin ill
2010-11-19 Hopsin "Trampoline" [Raw]
Keep it real, show me somethin ill that I haven't seen
1996-02-13 Mad Skillz "Tip of The Tongue" [From Where???]
Gettin ill, keepin it real, doin what they gotta do to eat
1995-03-08 Big L "Put It On" feat. Kid Capri [Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous]
I run with ill kids and real nigs who peel wigs
1998-07-07 Kane & Abel "Watch Me" feat. Mystikal, Silkk the Shocker, Soulja Slim [Am I My Brothers Keeper]
Ill niggas and trill niggas, get-it-how-they-live niggas
1999-06-01 TRU "No Limit Army" feat. Mac, Pheno [Da Crime Family]
For my ill-ass niggas, my trill-ass niggas
2005-02-08 Krayzie Bone "Getchu Twisted (Remix)" feat. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony [Good Vs. Evil]
Gotta kick it with the trill always, gotta chill with a ill squad
1989-05-31 Unique & Dashan "Versatility" [Black To The Future]
On the wheels of steel Dashan is gettin ill
2007-04-03 Paul Wall "Break 'Em Off" feat. Lil' Keke [Get Money, Stay True]
My skillz is so ill when workin the wood wheel