Tech N9ne


2008-07-01 Tech N9ne "Psycho Bitch II" [Killer]
Even I know this sly ho like rivals be and turn you in to 5-0
1995-06-20 Mack 10 "Westside Slaughterhouse" feat. Ice Cube, WC [Mack 10]
Niggas yellin 'ha's and 'hohos, we dumpin' out of 64's
1993-10-05 Digital Underground "Wheee!" [The Body-Hat Syndrome]
Front seat, fresh ho, no five-oh behind me
1992-09-22 Da Lench Mob "All On My Nutsac" feat. Ice Cube [Guerillas In The Mist]
Say, "Ho!", this nigga got the yayo
1991-05-28 N.W.A. "One Less Bitch" [Niggaz4Life]
Loaded up the 44, yo, then I straight smoked the ho'