2006-02-23 Warcloud "Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans & Records" feat. The Parallax [Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep]
Zoomin' past coppers, renegade hip hoppers
2009-04-17 Dr. Ama "We Not Y'all" feat. Block McCloud, Haxaw, R.B.I [Split Personali-d]
Hip hoppers cop the flame, coppers know we pop them thangs
2002-01-22 KRS-One "Know Thy Self" [Spiritual Minded]
To all my true hip-hoppers, that pay bills and live proper
2010-06-21 Vinnie Paz "Pistolvania" feat. Freeway, Jakk Frost [Season of The Assassin]
We do it proper, cause hip-hoppers, they really need us
1993-08-24 Illegal "On Da M.I.C." feat. A.G., Lord Finesse [The Untold Truth]
Give out propers to the real hip-hoppers