Mr. Shadow


1999-04-20 Mr. Shadow "Can't Be A Player (If You A Hater)" [Till I Die]
I got the ecstasy, the Hennessy, the bottles of the Patron
1999-12-21 2Pac + Outlawz "Still I Rise" feat. Ta'He [Still I Rise]
That Hennessy'll keep me keyed, nigga
2008 Northstar "Wanna Bang" feat. Midnight, Shoshot, Tone Bone [West Coast Killa Beez]
Nigga, I stay keyed, gone off the Hennessy
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Animal Instinct" feat. Gambino, Ty Knitty [Hell On Earth]
Q.B.C. on the L.I.E. an sippin Hennessy
1999-08-31 Frost "Act Like Ya Want It" feat. Cameosis, Don Cisco, Jay Tee, Nino Brown, Rappin' 4-Tay [That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 1]
Sippin' Hennessy and Remy with the X.O.
2003-10-07 RZA "Chi Kung" feat. Beretta 9, Cilvaringz, Feathers [Birth of A Prince]