2005 Hell Razah "Project Pentagon" feat. Cipha, Sunny Jewels [My Life: Heaven & Hell]
Niggas could get mad or hate, we gon' get this cake
2007-05-15 H.A.W.K. "Ain't Having It" feat. Chris Ward [Endangered Species]
It's money to make so why hate, let's all get this damn cake
2003-07-01 E-40 "This Goes Out" feat. Turf Talk [Breakin News]
Disbelievers an' suckas hate when I'm up in my Peruvian flake!
2003-02-25 Little Brother "Light It Up" [The Listening]
Bitch niggaz tryin to frustrate, dap you up, on the low really hate
2001-09-11 Fabolous "Keepin' It Gangsta" [Ghetto Fabolous]
I'm never gon' hate, half these artists never slung weight
2003-03-04 Fabolous "Why Wouldn't I" feat. Paul Cain [Street Dreams]
That nigga you love to hate, still hug blocks and bubble weight