1987-11-04 Ice-T "409" [Rhyme Pays]
Bust a move to my groove, work your body, do somethin'
1988-08-08 N.W.A. "Something 2 Dance 2" [Straight Outta Compton]
1999 H.S.E. "Freestyle Session" [Hustlaz Stackin' Endz]
That boy be moving, that boy in the groove, that boy gon' bust a move
1990-12-18 Ice Cube "Jackin For Beats" [Kill At Will EP]
Then I have to show and prove and use your groove
2004-12-14 Shyheim "True Story" feat. King Just [The Greatest Story Never Told]
Gotta show and prove, and give Stella back her groove
2006 Raekwon "You Might Die" feat. Doo Wop [The Vatican Mixtape Vol. 1]
We came here to show and prove, make moves for every dollar in the groove
2011-10-18 Everlast "I'll Be There For You" [Songs of The Ungrateful Living]
Tryin to show and prove, don't disturb the groove