Wu-Tang Clan


2002-08-27 Lil' Flip "Haters Still Mad" [Undaground Legend]
Iced-out grill'll make you chill
2009-06-30 Wu-Tang Clan "Harbor Masters" feat. AZ [Wu-Tang Chamber Music]
Lick a fifth, get your piff and chill, fix your grill
2007-08-28 Icewater "Gangsta" feat. Flo [Polluted Water]
Tell me how these slugs'll feel, when I cock and bust your grill
2002-07-02 Juicy J "Like A Pimp" feat. La Chat [Chronicles of The Juice Man]
I'ma keep it real, ain't no need of being in my grill
1999 H.S.E. "G'z N Ballaz" feat. E.S.G. [Hustlaz Stackin' Endz]
See the change, and all the people in my grill, I gots to get my scrill
2000-07-11 C-BO "Get The Money" [Enemy of The State]
Make a mill, come short on my scrill, till I magnum off in your grill
2002-02-26 Nappy Roots "Hustla" [Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz]
2002-10-01 Mac Dre "Boss Tycoon" feat. Yukmouth [Thizzelle Washington]
I've been gettin' scrill, diamonds in my grill
2003-06-03 Big Moe "Move Around" feat. Mr.3-2, Noke D [Moe Life...]
All in my grill, telling me about scrill
2006 Chamillionaire "Switch Styles" [Mix Tape Messiah 2]
Know you getting that scrill, pulling up on whips with the grill
2001-11-13 UGK "Gold Grill" feat. 8Ball & MJG [Dirty Money]
Show ya grill if you will, and you down with the trill
2007-12-26 Lupe Fiasco "Dumb It Down" feat. Gemini [The Cool]
The whole grill is roadkill, so trill and so sincere
1993-10-19 Black Moon "Son Get Wrec" [Enta Da Stage]
Plus they will, three slugs through your grill
2003-07-22 C-Note "Paid Nigga" [Street Fame]
Wood wheel gripping still, coming down with the bumping grill
2004-09-14 E.S.G. "In My Cadillac" feat. Bun B, Ms. Marylin, Slim Thug [All American Gangsta]
Turning corners wood wheel, with the big-daddy grill