Buddha Monk & Popa Wu


2007-12 Buddha Monk & Popa Wu "One Life To Live" feat. Daddy Rose, I-Born, Shacronz, Suga Bang Bang [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 5: Back Then]
Chickens adore my chain, almost died 'til I realized I had more to gain
1990-08-27 LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out" [Mama Said Knock You Out]
Lettin you know that you can't gain, I maintain
1997-07-29 Cella Dwellas "Main Aim" [Soul In The Hole Soundtrack]
The pain, to see these wack niggaz gain, aiyyo, I'm tryin to maintain
2004-05-11 Pete Rock "Da Villa" feat. Slum Village [Soul Survivor II]
Villa in the spot tryn'a gain and maintain
2008-07-01 Tech N9ne "Can't Shake It" feat. Krizz Kaliko [Killer]
I maintain, and continue to gain thangs
2004-10-12 Kool Keith "Lyrical Magic" feat. H-Bomb [Dr. Octagon Part II]
Flipped perks for personal gain, money, wood-grain