Terror Squad


2004-07-27 Terror Squad "Bring 'Em Back" feat. Big Lm Big Pun [True Story]
I'm quick to buck a duck, and I don't give a fuck about 5-0
2002-04-30 Big Tymers "Pimpin'" [Hood Rich]
Throwing bricks in the cut like a nigga give a fuck
1998-07-07 Kane & Abel "No Limit Niggas" feat. C-Murder, Fiend [Am I My Brothers Keeper]
Kane & Abel kick butt, knuckle up, don't give a fuck
1997-11-11 B.G. "Plan Went Sour" [It's All On U, Vol. 2]
Ya playa hate, I pluck ya, fuck ya
1999-10-05 U-God "Glide" feat. Letha Face [Golden Arms Redemption]
Its sucker duck season, fuck treason
2004-06-29 Lloyd Banks "Warrior Part 2" feat. 50 Cent, Eminem, Nate Dogg [The Hunger For More]
Don't give a fuck about you suckers, gotta maintain