Big Shug
feel this


1995-01-10 Smif-N-Wessun "Sound Bwoy Bureill" [Dah Shinin]
We bring the realness, feel this, boom, it's Black Moon reveal
1996-08-06 Nine "We Play 4 Keeps" [Cloud 9]
So phat out the realness, you could feel this
1996-08-27 A+ "Enter Hempstead" [The Latch-Key Child]
We be the realness for those that can't feel this
1998-11-03 Crucial Conflict "Airplane" feat. Do Or Die [Good Side Bad Side]
Tell me could you feel this realness, feel the illness
1999-06-01 Group Home "Game Recognize Game" feat. Kai:Bee [A Tear For The Ghetto]
What's the realness, I feel this, listen to the fullest
1999-10-05 WC "Survival of The Fittest" feat. Dresta, Young Shane [Thicker Than Water Soundtrack]
2000-06-20 Freddie Foxxx "24 Hrs" [Industry Shakedown]
Any time realness, you ready feel this
2005-04-26 Z-Ro "Help Me Please" [Let The Truth Be Told]
I try to stay around some realness, brothers and sisters, holla if you feel this
2006-09-13 Big Shug "Do Ya" [Who's Hard: Gang Starr Presents Big Shug]
For realness feel this, higher for the hood
2008-02-05 KRS-One "The Way It's Going Down" [Adventures In Emceein]
This that realness, come on, you can feel this
2008-09-20 Ice Cube "Stand Tall" [Raw Footage]
If you want some realness, I know you can feel this